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Monster Truck Classics: Battle of the Monster Trucks!

If you love monster trucks i guarantee you’ll love this one-of-a-kind collection of THE VERY FIRST MONSTER TRUCK PROGRAMS ever to be released on National Television and Home Video. Even before Cable TV, these history making shows introduced television audiences from coast-to-coast to the phenomenon known as MONSTER TRUCK RACING and EXHIBITIONS! Not seen in… Read more


BIG TRUCKS! (2012 Monster Jam World Finals)

SUBSCRIBE to Above Average: BIG TRUCKS! (2012 Monster Jam World Finals) Share on FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: Paulilu Mixtape- “BIG TRUCKS! (2012 Monster Jam World Finals)” BIG TRUCKS host Jasper Cooch visits the 2012 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas. Paulilu Mixtape Sketch comedy from the… Read more