Monster Truck Rules

If you have seen Moster truck races, then you would be knowing something regarding the routes through which the driver should drive the truck. Well, there are some basic rules that must be followed by the monster truck driver while driving the truck. Well, the monster trucks will have to jump, skid and even go above other small cars or vans. These cars and vans would be pretty small than the monster truck. And this is the reason why they are called as monster trucks. Well, there will be judges who will be analyzing the performance of each monster truck. If a particular person does anything against the rules, then would be either penalized or will be getting lower marks from the judges. So it’s always important to know the basic Monster truck rules for a monster truck driver.

Rules of monster trucks (Grave digger)

Points are given on the basis of the performance of the driver using his monster truck. He would be given higher points if he does anything special that seems pretty interesting than the rest of the monster trucks. These are yet another races, but this time, instead of small cars or bikes, the vehicle is monster truck. Well, these are not as fast as the cars or bikes. But these are bigger and stronger than the cars and the bikes. So, in monster truck races, they would have to go on top of the cars and vans and even jump through height above the ground. And there are rules while doing these things. Well, it is against the rule to cross the boundary or just go backwards or block the way of other monster trucks. Doing things against the rules, will provide you with negative marks or just lower marks than others. This way you will be getting eliminated from the race. So, it is always a better idea to learn the basic rules of Monster Trucks.

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