10 Scariest Folks That Aren’t Monsters In Video Video games

There are many horrifying abominations in video video games, starting from Sinistar within the 1983 arcade cupboard of the identical title to Resident Evil’s Nemesis. However there’s one monster that the majority avid gamers by no means actually speak about: man.

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Anybody who has regarded on the world round them can let you know that there’s nothing scarier than, properly, us. And whereas there have been many scary people in different mediums, reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter or Annie Wilkes, none of them can evaluate to the terrifying individuals we see and even management within the realm of video video games. So, listed here are ten of probably the most chilling folks that video gamedom has to supply.


10 Trevor — Grand Theft Auto 5

Every protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 5 represents one thing: Franklin is the rookie prison, Michael is the veteran, and Trevor is the common GTA participant. And in a world crammed with cannibals and individuals who flip others into pet food, Trevor is one way or the other the scariest of all of them.

Whereas each different character within the GTA universe is pushed by greed or energy, it appears that evidently Trevor has no driving drive. The person is pure chaos, doing no matter he needs when he needs. Anytime you turn to him, he could possibly be asleep, in the midst of a mass capturing, or chasing after somebody apologizing for exposing himself in public. All of those are performed for laughs, and it really works. And it is that likability that basically makes Trevor so scary.

9 Porky Minch — Earthbound

Earthbound is an RPG that’s bizarre, hilarious, and generally fairly creepy. In a world crammed with gross-looking slime monsters, mushroom hallucinations, and the embodiment of evil itself, Porky continues to be the scariest factor there.

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Porky, also referred to as Pokey, begins off as a younger brat who will not enable you in fight. As the sport progresses you see him change into a excessive priest in a cult, then a marketing consultant to a mayor, then ultimately the right-hand man to Giygas, the sport’s foremost villain. You study that Porky’s been placing individuals in tanks to brainwash them into loving him. The ultimate boss battle is towards Giygas and Porky in probably the most terrifying spider mech in video video games. Though he appears innocent at first, Porky’s conceitedness and cowardice lead him to the monstrous type you see on the finish.

8 Dr. J. S. Steinman — BioShock

The BioShock collection is crammed with terrifying monsters and other people, just like the Large Daddies and the Little Sisters. However nobody was almost as scary as the primary boss of the primary recreation, Dr. J. S. Steinman. A deranged plastic surgeon with an obsession for perfection. Referring to himself as “The Picasso of Surgical procedure,” Dr. Steinman will function on his victims till they’re lifeless.

What makes Dr. Steinman so scary is not the person himself, it is that in your solution to him you get to see his work first hand. Mutilated corpses and work of his victims are seen all through his places of work. He talks in regards to the “ethical obligation of magnificence” on a number of TV screens. And if you lastly confront him, varied sufferers are seen basically crucified on working tables. If the battle towards him was tougher, he’d be additional up this record.

7 Vaas Montenegro — Far Cry 3

“Are you aware the definition of madness?” This single quote from the primary trailer for Far Cry 3 grabbed the eye of everybody. This wasn’t due to the profoundity of the assertion, however the man delivering them: Vaas Montenegro. In a single monologue, Vaas proved to be each charismatic and totally terrifying, to the purpose that he’s nonetheless thought of one of many best online game villains of all time.

Born in 1984, Vaas would quickly change into obsessed and infatuated along with his sister — to the purpose of murdering anybody who was affectionate along with her. He turns into a pacesetter of The Pirates on the Rook Islands and works for Hoyt Volker, doing his murderous soiled work. A few of Vaas’ worst acts may be seen in a promo mini-series for the sport, the place he tortures and kills actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Vaas Montenegro is a really terrifying human being, however you simply will not be capable to look away.

6 Voldo — SoulcaliburVoldo in a creepy spider outfit inside of a cage

Loads of the characters are on this record due to their actions and background, however just one character is right here purely on his design. Voldo from the Soulcalibur collection may be the scariest trying combating recreation character of all time. The person is totally hairless, and sometimes lined in leather-based straps and spikes. His eyes and mouth are at all times lined, however he is nonetheless capable of consistently hiss all through a combat.

In battle, Voldo wields two unusual hand blades, whereas practising a contorionist-based combating fashion. Critically, his actions appear unnatural, transferring extra like he is manufactured from water than flesh and bones. His solely objective in life is straightforward: defend his lifeless grasp’s treasure horde — and if somebody occurs to steal one thing, he’ll hunt them down till he kills them. Simply go away this man in his pit and transfer on.

For a lot of Gen Xers and Millenials, clowns are actually scary and one of many main contributors to that’s Needles Kane. This character, also referred to as Candy Tooth, has been terrorizing the Twisted Metallic competitition along with his ice cream truck since its inception again in 1995. Whereas there have been many alternative interpretations of this iconic character, the perfect is from Twsited Metallic: Black.

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Right here, Candy Tooth is a serial killer who solely will get pleasure from killing. Nevertheless, a curse was placed on him that his head would consistently be on fireplace, representing the flames of hell. These flames, that chubby physique, and that big grin — all make Needles Kane each instantly recognizable and instantly terrifying.

4 Frank Manera — Outlast: Whistleblower

You realize what’s at all times scary? Cannibals. If you wish to make any character creepier, simply make them eat some human flesh. It labored for Hannibal Lecter, and it undoubtedly works for Frank Manera from Outlast: Whistleblower. The one distinction is that cannibalism is all that drives Frank Manera. And the situations with him are mind-blowing.

When Frank was dedicated to the Mount Large Asylum, he refused to eat and misplaced a ton of weight. This was as a result of he knew he desired human flesh. After he was freed, he started roaming the halls, killing individuals with a round noticed and consuming them. Your first encounter with him entails him blowing another person’s head up in a microwave, sticking you in a crematorium, and him consistently calling you “meat.” What makes all of this worse is that you just by no means see Frank Manera die. Meaning he may nonetheless be on the market, someplace…

3 Monika — Doki Doki Literature Membership

Doki Doki Literature Membership is a courting sim the place you be a part of a literature membership, and fall in love with one of many 4 ladies. Or, so that you assume. DDLC is definitely a psychological horror recreation, and that is all due to one individual: Monika.

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Monika is the president of the literature membership and one of many 4 ladies you possibly can romance, however the primary distinction between her and the others is that she is aware of she’s in a recreation. This information permits her to bend the sport’s actuality to her will, and affect the participant’s choices by both eliminating the opposite ladies and even transferring the participant’s cursor the place she needs it to go. Monika is definitely probably the most unassuming character on this record, however that is a part of the explanation she’s additionally one of many scariest.

2 The Baker Household — Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil collection is thought for its iconic and terrifying characters together with Albert Wesker, Nemesis, and, after all, Woman Dimitrescu. However even amongst these monsters, nobody is as scary as The Baker Household in Resident Evil 7.

The Baker Household is made up of many individuals, however the true terrifying ones are Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas Baker. All three are contaminated with mould by a lady named Eveline, and shortly thoughts managed by her — though Lucas ultimately breaks that management. All three of them are become cannibalistic killers, who’ve murdered a whole bunch of individuals over three years. Every one is terrifying in their very own distinctive manner, and make Ethan Winters’ keep at their dwelling one of many scariest video video games of all time.

1 Piggsy — Manhunt

Rockstar Video games‘ Manhunt is likely one of the most controversial video games of all time. It follows the story of James Earl Money, as he’s pressured to “carry out” in snuff movies by murdering dozens of individuals in more and more brutal methods. Whereas there are a lot of actually despicable human beings, the scariest is definitely Piggsy.

An overweight man in a loincloth, he wears a skinned pig’s head over his personal and wields a chainsaw. He can solely communicate in damaged English and pig grunts, and hunts down Money utilizing his sense of scent. Piggsy can be, you guessed it, a cannibal. However there are indicators that Piggsy wasn’t at all times this fashion. He was introduced on the identical manner Money was, being pressured to take part in these disgusting movies, earlier than ultimately being pushed mad by The Director.

Piggsy is not simply scary due to his grotesque type and animalistic conduct. He is scary as a result of he is what you would be when you fail. And that is why Piggsy is the scariest human in video video games.

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