Power Punch Monster Truck Rasta Mater, I-Screamer, Tormentor 2013 Lightning McQueen Cars Toon Disney

From disney pixar cars toon, these are the new 2013 power punch monster trucks from walmart. Frightning McMean Lightning McQueen, I-Screamer, The Tormentor and Rasta Mater. You can find these at walmart. These are plastic trucks with power punch action and smack down sounds from the smashing cars-toon Mater’s tall tales short “monster truck mater”. Just push down on back to hear the punch sounds and music. Fight your enemies using the Monster Truck Wrastlin Ring playset. Click below to watch the review of this smashing playset. www.youtube.com “the Tormentor” UPC 746775275440 “Frightning McMean UPC 746775275457 “Rasta Mater” UPC 027084945188 “I-Screamer” UPC 027084916935 Tow Mater said he used to be a monster-truck wrestler superstar called the Tormentor. He and Frightning Mcmean aka Lightning McQueen wrastled the biggest and baddest monster trucks of them all. Is it a true story or another one of mater’s tall tale. Lightning McQueen is also called in other countries: “Bliksem Mcqueen” “Saetta mcqueen” “Lynet McQueen” “Rayo McQueen” “Flash Mcqueen” “Blixten McQueen” e “Faísca McQueen” e “Blesk McQueen” “Молния МакКуин” “Relâmpago Mcqueen” e “Zygzaka McQueen” “Şimsek mcqueen” Tow Mater catchphrases are “Dad gum!” and “Git-R-Done!” – He’s also called Mate, Cricchetto, Bill, Burák, Takel, Złomek, Мэтр, Bärgarn, Bucsă, Hook, Martin and “Carl Attrezzi” or “Carl Attrezzi Cricchetto” This is how Disney Pixar Cars is called in other countries: Autogrotesky, Аутомобили, Arabalar

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