Monster Truck Summer Meltdown 2012

Watch in HD!!!!!! Once again it was time for the Monster Truck Summer Meltdown in Sauk Rapids, MN at the Benton County Fairgrounds. This event is always chock full of excitement, and this year was no exception! This year we took a more creative approach and it was all about the POV! Getting cameras in places you’d never think of to bring you views you’ve never seen! Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!, Oh yeah, let us know what you think too! We love hearing from you! Filmed by Jon “LT” Theis and Amie “@AlmostTheis” Robbins with: 4 GoPro HERO HD’s, 1 GoPro HERO HD 2 & a Canon 60D Edited by Jon “LT” Theis with: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Thanks to Belti Blues Band for the great music and a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone who loaned us their GoPro’s! Casey from focalRatio, Matt from LimitedCTRL, Tice and AC, and Mike Ringaman. Thanks a lot guys! Also a big thanks to all the Drivers and Freestyle guys, including Kaila Savage of HeartBreaker, Branden O’Leary, Daryl Stangler, Casey Pflipson, Ben Geurkink, Mike Ringaman, Mike Hurd and MORE!

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