Cars Toon Monster Truck Wrestling Ring Playset from Disney Pixar Mater’s Tall Tales

Here is my Cars Toon Monster Truck Wrastlin’ Ring made by Mattel. I bought this play set on Craigslist for . However, you can still buy it even on Amazon with free shipping for .99. Not bad. This Disney Pixar Cars toy is inspired by the Cars Toon Monster Truck Mater. It originially comes with just Frighting McMean (Lightning McQueen). It is fully made of plastic and I recommend using plastic monster trucks when playing with the set to avoid chipping your diecast cars. The toy isn’t the best made because it’s plastic. But considering the price and also considering how much boys just love monster trucks, Disney Cars and toys it’s a good buy. My son is almost 3 and he can play with the toy by himself which is nice. The push-red-button feature is nice and easy to use. It’s a good toy for some make-believe play. If you buy this toy online, you will only get Lightning McQueen with the Cars Toon Monster Truck Wrestling Ring set; however, you can even buy the plastic monster trucks on Amazon or the DisneyStore for -. The cars shown in my video are plastic from the Disney Store and include: Frightening McMean, Paddy OConcrete, Rastacarian, Tormentor and IScreamer. The toy has a few good wrestling features including: the spinning wrestling ring, the wrecking ball, the shovel to sweep the cars out of the ring and the line launcher. The Frankenwagen or Frankenstein also can be pushed over when defeated by Lightning McQueen or Mater. The way we like to play is by having 2

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