Mightiest Little Monster Truck 3D Animated Demo

The first Mini Truck is born in Truck Town and goes unwanted and unloved but for his aging Mom, who lands in the Detention Yard trying to protect her new arrival. When three giant Monster Trucks ransack Truck Town and steal all the spare parts, only our little hero is brave enough to try and save Truck Town and his Mom. With the help of an old Tool Truck named Cranky and his gang of tools, Ratchet, Impact, Looey Lube, Slick the Oil Can, Tommy Tool Box, Larry the Lift and the Wrench Family, a wrecking yard provides all the ingredients necessary to change the little guy into the Mightiest Little Monster, take on Grim Reaper, Big Al and Night Train, and save Truck Town. Presentation for Feature Film Development and major toy line, created, written, designed and recorded in the US animated in Eastern Europe. This is a feature quality 3D sequence featuring the transformation of the little truck to the Mightiest Little Monster.

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