Inventory Control Software Helps Monster Truck – Wasp Barcode Ever heard of the Grave Digger? Or El Toro Loco? They’re two of the biggest, wildest monster trucks hitting the dirt today. RaceSource Inc. is a leading manufacturer of vehicle components for the racing industry, and a valued Wasp Barcode Technologies’ customer. Our latest video shows how Wasp’s Inventory Control Software, Inventory Control v.6 (ICv6), has helped the family-owned business keep their supply of over 100 different specialty parts stocked and organized. RaceSource, Inc. inventory is now organized and clearly labeled by a numerical system as well as by barcode. In the end, implementing the Wasp Barcode Inventory Control Software saved RaceSource time, money, and headache. ———- http ——————— Gain visibility and control of your inventory and stock levels with Wasp Inventory Software. Reduce wasted time spent searching for inventory, eliminate stock outs, and improve customer service. Inventory levels and reorder points will now be easy to manage, track, and control. Wasp offers inventory software and complete inventory control systems with one, five, or an unlimited number of PC client licenses. Choose from inventory software only, or a complete inventory system with Wasp Inventory Control software, a mobile computer for tracking inventory on-the-go, and a barcode printer for creating inventory labels. ———- ——————— Wasp inventory software is the perfect solution for keeping your

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