Real Monster Truck In GTA IV – Modified Rancher (PC/MOD) [HD]

A nice monster truck mod which changes the rancher into a real big monster truck. Awesome for rock crawling/offroading and crushing cars on times square. Made by Jantsu92 @ ModMyGTA Download here: Watch my other vids to see how you can install mods like this. Have fun!

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How good is the collision model? This was made before Oleg’s new realistic damage plugin for zModeler, but it uses the rancher model… so – well, is it just the wheel models that are swapped?
Also, at 0:14 – what’s up with the collision model?
Oh, right – is the handling script good as well or do I have to tweak it?

Other then that – I think it looks enjoyable.


You can get achieviements on the PC version aswell. Game for windows – Live which links to your Xbox Live account.


nice i have GTA IVon xbox 360 so i cant play car mods =( but i want to have GTA IV in xbox 360 cus there can i get achiviements


i was thinking the same thing :D… Try with a Sanchez… its good as


but wy the video have rocksatr logo and social club logo


This mod doesnt wor for me ,my rancher is too low and the handling is fucked up and i did evcerything like in README
help ?


good to know im not the only one to climb
those rocks when in bored


All these mods look cool,but the thing is,no one takes the time to create new physics and all for them.they are all half ass.


can you make a video on how to install this mod i dont know how to do this stuff


is this mod possible on the xbox 360
with files of the PC


no man jus get the i7 920 and gtx 286 edition aaround 65 fps max 1920X1200 and then convert it to 48.2 FPS


my video is uploaded check for my latest video and see what mods i use

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