Monster Trucks in the 1990s – Part 2

A second compilation of some of the best monster truck action from the 1990s.

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I have the “Biggest & Baddest Monster Trucks” VHS tape too.

Nice compilation; I thought you were just using the above video for the whole thing at first.


I don’t know where you find all this footage, but I thank you heartily for posting, I never thought I’d ever see these trucks again!


The clip at 2:35 was from the 1999 Monster Jam “World Finals” in St. Louis, MO.


in the first clip after intro: Thats what toronto used to look like in 1992!?! Wow…


Awesome! Good to see that Hall Bros. USA-1 in there.


Awesome video. How about a compilation of events from Seattle since the Kingdome is no longer there?


awesome job ! got any more classic Thunder Nats footage? we need compilation of that stuff!

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