Monster Truck Crash Compilation 5

A fifth compilation of carnage, with more crashes, wrecks, and rollovers from over 25 years of monster truck competition. Music: “Wild Side” – Motley Crue

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I remember when Brutus crashed into Gunslinger at the Superdome, Scott Hartsock was sooooo P/O


Brutus always breaks or wrecks. Why dosen’t Kohler fire that dude Bergeron?


wow you finally made number 5? great now i can count on your vids more XDD sweet vid dude


I don’t think a true winner could be decided in that situation, since both trucks rolled in the same corner. In some of the more recent events, if two trucks were to break in the same race, the fast loser from that round would return to take the place of the winner (from the race in which the two vehicles could not advance). I’m not sure if that system was used in 1992, though (when that particular accident occurred).


hey man awesome video. but i have a question. How do you get music from itunes to WMM?


not bad, but i would of wait tell the wrecks from st louis to air and but them in this video…


Man, look at them Windows Movie Maker effects! Another great compilation man, good job!

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