Monster Truck Crash Compilation 3

A third compilation of some of the wildest monster truck wrecks, rollovers, and flips. Music: “Perfect Insanity” – Disturbed

25 thoughts on “Monster Truck Crash Compilation 3

  1. explain why he sucks?? i’m not a meents i’m a blue thunder tony farrell fan but tell me why do you think tom meents sucks

  2. also, 0:56 was maximum destrucion( i know this is gonna anger some people, but TOM MEENTS SUCKS!!!!), but what event was it?

  3. Overkill still competes, however, the truck doesn’t race at many of the televised shows anymore.

  4. dude this is epic but just like RichboyJhae says
    0:18 is awesome.

    I really enjoy watching monster trucks BREAK DANCE.

    its so cool

  5. SOmebody could probably just make a video of THe diggers that caught on fire just this year!! Seems weird huh,

  6. Another monsterly AWESOME collection! Thanks so much for the effort that you put into these! FiVE STARSS!
    ♫ ToMMyY!! ♫

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