Monster Trucks in the 1990s

A compilation of some of the wildest monster truck action from the 1990s.

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On the contrary, I think the 90’s were the golden age of MT’s. SO much innovation and incredible racing. Freestyle was in its infancy, but with the racing as intense as it was it really wasn’t necessary.


When I looked at the truck at 0:59 , the first name I had thought of was Wild Thing, even though I had never seen the truck before.


That Grave Digger is Pablo Huffaker’s first Grave Digger, which was formerly Jus’ Show’n’ Off #2. The number that was assigned to the truck has been disputed, however… some claim it is #4, while others say #5.


I remember this music from the USA Motorsports video “Monster Truck Bloopers 2”. Brings back a lot of memories. Great vid, DF.


Awsome! And some rare shots. I never got to see the first long travel Grave Digger with the black frame only the green one. And the shot of a repainted Big Dummy monster truck dang cool.


Hey this music is form and they walked away.

BTW where can i download this music. It’s so cool.


I feel wierd watching this…i sorta stopped watching in the 90’s so the USHRA stuff is not familer to me.


WOW!! Amazing video once again! I’m SUCH a big fan of your channel! Monster trucks progressed SO Much in the 90’s.. I’ll never forget when BIGFOOT 8 came out.. I knew it would change the face of monster trucks as we knew it.. AWESOME stuff! Favorited instantly! FiVE starrss!
♫ ToMMyY!! ♫


This is awesome. I loved the 90s. Wish we could have some of those teams back.


i dont know why but i think that the 90s where abit boring not really my cup of tea

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