Monster Truck Crash Compilation 2

This is a second compilation of monster truck crashes, flips, and fires.

Music: “Voices” – Disturbed

**Notice: Due to copyright issues with the original song, the music in this video has been replaced with “Hurt,” by Drowning Pool.

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is it me or does the best trick monster mutt can do is roll


Yes, the Maximum Destruction truck started out as Goldberg in 2000, then later became Team Meents in 2002, and finally Maximum Destruction in 2003.


ive always wondered….hows the gears in these things? i mean…are they automatic? manual? how many gears?


Yes, the crash at 1:09 is the accident in which Barry Wentz flipped the “Wild Stang” convertible.


The driver of the Wild Stang during that accident, Barry Wentz, did survive the crash.


wild stang had no roll cage did he die?Did you also know that gravedigger started as a mud bogging truck.


If you’re referring to the front flip by the convertible-bodied “Wild Stang” truck, that occurred at the Cayuga Motor Speedway, in Cayuga, Ontario, I believe. The rollover by Bigfoot at the end of the video occurred at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec, during a 1991 USA Motorsports event.


the first one,
and same with the last crash from big foot at the end
from TORONTO!!!


it does sound like him but it is not corey taylor
its is david draiman from disturbed


Can you upload more videos of track in 1:01 – Buffalo Tremor Crash?
I realy love this track.


The clip at 2:01 occurred at a 1993 Monster Wars event in the Pontiac Silverdome.


The clip at 2:28 was from the Houston Astrodome, I’m pretty sure in either 1993 or 1994.

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