MEGA Monster Truck Tour – Sedalia, MO 2008 Highlights

The MEGA Monster Truck Tour made its second stop in the state of Missouri March 15th-16th for two shows at the Matthewson Exhibition Center in Sedalia, MO. Presented here is action from the Saturday night event featuring Predator, Viper, Monster Patrol, Prowler, and Wild Thang.

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Video By:
Shane Skiner

Copyright: 2008

11 thoughts on “MEGA Monster Truck Tour – Sedalia, MO 2008 Highlights

  1. It’s like watching somewhat new trucks on a nostalgic track. Why is it though that all these previously big-name trucks like Monster Patrol, Predator/ Prowler, and even Wild Thang are on smaller circuits now?

  2. that sucks the video camera shut off that looked like an awesome donut… was that a shock that busted on monster patrol?

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