Old School Monster Trucks: Remix

This is a remix clip featuring all the best footage from my previous Old School Monster Trucks videos, plus some new and rare footage. Set to Agent Orange’s cover of Dick Dale’s “Miserlou”, Remix is cooler than ALF, more tasty than the McBLT and rocks harder than Vanilla Ice and A Flock of Seagulls COMBINED!!! (That’s a joke, people.) For more information on classic monster trucks, visit my website at http://classicmonsters.spwo.com

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Whats the name of the truck that has an old red pickup body in this video?


Back when it was actually a modified truck, not a fiberglass shell on a tube frame.


Hawaiian Punch…it was previously known as Cardiff Giant, the truck that you saw roll over in the water on the Return of the Monster Trucks video.


I wish they would do this stuff today. Water runs, hill climbs, tug-o-war, and sled pulls. Oh yeah and actually crush the cars!


I remember when every other truck did water runs after Bigfoot did the first one! BTW, what truck is that at 2:08? It looks bad-ass, but I don’t remember it.


hell thats when they use to actually crush the cars and not jump them


Thanks! I get most of my videos either from the internet (ebay or amazon) or through trades.


how do you get all your videos? Also i think that this looks like it was on TV because what is on the screen matches the music.


I love watchin all your old school monster vids! Keep em coming! Love Excaliber!….Any more of that truck??


A little more information on this…this was the first deep water test of Bigfoot 1, and was done during the winter months to avoid the crowds of the busy lake. They discovered the truck could float while attempting to film a commercial for a winch company. The back end of the truck wouldn’t settle down in a small pond.


Yep, Jim Kramer fishing in Lake of the Ozarks, MO, which is one of the busiest lakes in America between Memorial and Labor Days and lake I have fished hundreds of times. However, my family’s Triton TR-20 doesn’t quite measure up in horsepower…


Oh, no harm done. I was a bit apprehensive for putting up a remix video, but the final product made me reconsider. Thanks for watching and posting!


Agreed. Sorry for posting that. After posting, I was like. Fuck. I’m a dumbass. Sorry for that mate. Again, I love the video. It’s my new favorite! Great Stuffs!


Excellent, excellent, excellent, and last but not least, excellent.


lmao kramer(assuming that is who it is) fishing outta the back of bigfoot, as if there are any fish left there after that beast went through


Yeah, I mentioned that in the description…kind of a remix video to a really cool song.

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