Monster Trucks – Crashes, Scrapes, & Bruises

A compilation of some of the wildest monster truck wrecks, rollovers, and fires.

“POW” – FirstCom Music
“Scum of the Earth” – Rob Zombie
“Dark Days” – FirstCom Music

25 thoughts on “Monster Trucks – Crashes, Scrapes, & Bruises

  1. hahahahahahahahaha! at 1:03 there was only ONE FAN! either it was a slow day or that guy had more balls then brains to sit there.

  2. That truck is owned/sponsored by Travis Pastrana, however in that clip (at 0:41), the truck was driven by Courtney Jolly.

  3. the drivers can drive very well they just crash in freestyle basically on purpose for the fans

  4. Has that Grave Digger ever raced and not crashed? About time to get a driver that can…….. er………….drive?
    Not a bad compilation once the sound is turned off.

  5. For just big trucks the parts are so brittle!
    I think I saw an axle break like 20 different times…. But this movie rocks! Go monster trucks!

  6. you know something……Grave Digger is trying to dig his own Grave you see him in alot of crashes <:)

  7. The truck at 00:17 is Kevin Dabney’s Chi-town Hustler truck. The truck throttling into the wall at 2:41 is Don Van Loo’s Bad Medicine, in Oklahoma City 1991. Yes, I do have more footage of that accident.

  8. Another awesome comp man, you really outdid yourself again. I have a couple questions:

    1. What is the name of the red truck flipping at 0:17?

    2. Do you have extended footage of King Krunch (?) throttling into the wall at 2:41? Never seen that before!

  9. The Pastrana 199 truck is now driven by Courtney Jolly. Paul Cohen used to drive the truck.

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