King of the Monster Trucks Bigfoot in action

The king of the monster trucks bigfoot in action. see him race in the mud,going over a giant hill, pull the mean sled, and yes smash cars. Music is “Crush’em” by Megadeth.

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does big foot still perform even tho i hate ford i like this truck because of the drive i think this truck and grave digger are the best


Early trucks were made of metal and heavy parts, so they didn’t have the lightweight frames they have now. Nowadays, they have clear plastic panels infront of the driver, towards his feet, so he can see immediately in front of him, to a degree. However, back then, Bob wanted to make sure he was lined up properly to hit the cars, and couldn’t see otherwise. The higher up you are, the longer a distance the hood area of a vehicle will obstruct. He couldn’t afford to roll it, so he leaned out.


you cant talk about monster truck without mention big foot, its the spirit of all monster trucks and the new generations should know that.


Hanging out the fucking window!Bob Chandler and his guys were real men.


i wish monster trucks was still like this just go buy a truck and mod it but nop they gota build one from the ground up


Well Bigfoot has done more things then jump a airplane in the last oh 30 plus years. You know 23 titles (and counting), Been in country, and the best known MOnster Truck in the histroy of the world!!!! And all you can think of is him jumping a airplane?


i think bigfoot was better back then but bigfoot is great now but it seemed better back then , better drivers and better trucks ? it seems much better .


thats what you call a monster truck, not like these new fiberglass body ones.


the actual origonal Bigfoot is inside the shop, its on 48″ firestones( the orig. tires were goodyears but he switched manufacturers) the orig bigfoot is the best looking one with out 66″‘s. ive seen bigfoot 1-8 in person, at a place called fremont ford in the bay area. i was a kid and i thought that this stuff was badass!


Bigfoot lives in St. Louis, MO.
One of the early (or original, I dunno since I’m no expert) is always on display. It’s the one with the huge white rims (which look really wierd to me).


why would you run over other monster trux with another monster truck? i dont get it. but those tyres are HUGE!!!

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