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Thunder Nationals Monster Truck Show (Motocross in between)

The Monster Truck show that came to my city. Trucks include: GraveDigger, Full Boar, Bulldozer, Maximim Destruction, Captain Curse, Rolling Thunder, Pastrana199, The Destroyer, and more. Freestyle Motocross is in the middle. There is a crash towards the end.


PENDA Monster Trucks – Canfield, OH 1996 Finals

This is the final round race from the Canfield, Ohio PENDA Monster Truck event, from TNN’s “Trucks & Tractor Power.” Bearfoot (Fred Schafer) vs. WCW Stinger (Eric Meagher)


Major League of Monster Trucks – Kentucky – Part 1 of 8

The 2007 Major League of Monster Trucks series was in Sparta, KY October 13th. The event was held at Kentucky Speedway and featured sixteen of the country’s top monster trucks competing in racing and freestyle contests. The 2007 MLMT series wraps up at NASCAR tracks in Memphis and Nashville over the next two weeks to… Read more